Amazing Spider-Man Recreates an Iconic Moment

1966’s Amazing Spider-Man #33 may well be the most influential Spider-Man comic ever published. It features that iconic scene where Peter Parker, badly injured and buried under tons of rubble, taps into his deepest reserves of strength and overcomes the impossible. It’s a defining moment that countless writers have tried to recapture in the decades since. Anyone who works on the series for any significant length of time is bound to deliver their own take on that moment. With Amazing Spider-Man #15, Nick Spencer has his opportunity. And this issue is successful in that area, even if it struggles in others.

Where issue #14 was a fairly lighthearted showcase for Aunt May and a handful of Spidey’s rogues, this issue veers in a darker direction as our hero races against time to rescue May and other innocent bystanders from a collapsing building. The same basic framework quickly falls into place – looming danger, a ticking clock and the need for Spider-Man to push past his limits to ensure that those he cares about survive.

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