Arrested Development: Season 5, Part 2 Review

The second half of Arrested Development: Season 5, consisting of 8 new episodes, is now streaming on Netflix.

Though nothing’s been announced about the overall fate of Arrested Development, given the way the remainder of Season 5 plays out, it sure feels like the end. And if this is the final countdown for the Bluths, it’s really for the best. It’s just sad that it couldn’t have been a stronger showing.

Did the show change? Did we change? Did the world change? Back when FOX canceled the series, we were all in an uproar. When Netflix rescued it (one of the streaming service’s first saves), we rejoiced. Then the hotly-anticipated fourth season was a hit or miss affair. Episodes ran too long, the core cast could barely film scenes together due to other projects they were scheduled for, and the overwhelming consensus was that it was a sub-par offering. It was a hefty blow considering both the fanfare and how beloved the first three seasons were.

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