Bruce Willis Dares to Say Die Hard Is Not a Christmas Movie

Bruce Willis has officially declared Die Hard is not a Christmas movie during his Comedy Central roast.

Per THR, The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis was recently taped and is set to air on the network on July 29. Willis opted to close the roast with his controversial declaration saying, “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!”

“It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie!” he added.

When asked after the show how fans of the seminal action film would respond to his statement, Willis simply said, “We’ll see.”

Fans have gone back and forth over the years – mostly during December – on the burning pop culture issue. Though Die Hard’s events take place during Christmas Eve, does the action flick tick enough boxes in the ‘Christmas Movie’ category to actually qualify? Last December, Die Hard’s screenwriter Steven E. de Souza confirmed that it did, albeit jokingly.

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