Captive State Review

Director Rupert Wyatt launched a massive franchise with Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011, but since then he’s been much quieter, directing indie Mark Wahlberg starrer The Gambler and taking turns on TV shows like The Exorcist. Now, after eight years, he’s returning to the science fiction fray with Captive State, and though it’s a world away from the big budget star vehicle he’s most well known for, it’s the director’s best film yet with a sterling cast, moving story, and impressive effects.

Set in Chicago almost a decade after an intergalactic assault which has changed the face of the entire planet, Wyatt quickly establishes the state of play with some simple yet intelligent visual exposition, and by the time the opening credits have finished rolling you’re an active part in this terrifying new world. It’s a thoroughly dystopian landscape we find our protagonist Gabriel in as he navigates the leftovers of his hometown.

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