Discovery’s Season Finale Changes Everything

Full spoilers follow for this episode. And if you’re wondering: Will Star Trek: Discovery have a Season 3? Click here for all the details on that!

And there you have it: The USS Discovery has disappeared a thousand years into the future, apparently never to be heard from again in the 23rd century. And not just that, but everyone who knew of its true mission into time has agreed to keep it a secret even from Starfleet Command, essentially wiping the ship and her crew from the history books. I guess…?

Look, the Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 finale crams a lot into its running time, and it’s as sloppy as much of the overall season has been, raising as many questions as it answers in its attempts to sync with canon. But like much of this second season, it’s also pretty effective, offering up nice character interplay, crazy visuals and effects, and some “whoa” moments of Star Trek grandeur.

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