Fallout 76 Review In Progress

For the past day and a half, Fallout 76 has been live and mostly stable. Since it’s officially out, survivors have started flooding into post-apocalyptic West Virginia, and now that I’m sitting pretty at level 25, I’ve had a good chance to get a feel for how the full release compares to the lengthy beta… and my immediate reaction is that almost nothing has changed with regard to the content or polish of Fallout 76. As we all should have learned by now, “It’s just the beta, they’ll fix it for launch” is far from a guarantee.

Because of this, my lengthy beta impressions below still hold true and can be considered valid thoughts on the launched version. But for the full review I’ve switched platforms from my Xbox One X to PC to coordinate with more friends to try to get the most out of the social elements and reach the end-game nuclear missile gameplay more efficiently. The race to get there by Thanksgiving is on!

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