Is Sharp Objects’ Killer Too Obvious, Or a Clever Misdirect?

This review contains spoilers for Sharp Objects episode 6, “Cherry.” To refresh your memory of where we left off, check out our review of episode 5

It’s become clear over the past few episodes that Sharp Objects intends to remain a character study rather than a straightforward mystery. As “Cherry” pushes us toward the end of this story, it also seems evident that, because of that, the resolution to its central mystery is going to be deeply personal to Camille. That’s strong writing, but it likely means the outcome won’t be the most surprising revelation.

After “Cherry,” all signs point to Amma being the killer. Besides her and Adora, there aren’t any more choices amongst the fairly limited cast of central characters that would provide an emotionally resonant end to the case for Camille. But with two episodes to go, most of this sixth entry is devoted to Amma’s creep factor just as she and her half-sister are finding ways to genuinely bond. Not only is that building to a reveal (or a stunning misdirect), it’s upping the emotional stakes for our lead character.

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