Riverdale Finale Can’t Solve the Show’s Sophomore Slump

This recap contains spoilers for Riverdale’s Season 2 finale, episode 22, “Brave New World.”

To say that Riverdale Season 2 has been a mixed bag is perhaps the understatement of the year. After a knockout freshman season that focused on a compelling, character-driven mystery even as it reveled in its own innate ridiculousness, the show collided with the sophomore slump from hell.

Stories began, only to suddenly vanish with no real resolution or explanation. Relationships changed as the story demanded it. Characters disappeared completely for weeks at a time – or made decisions that were wildly divergent to anything we’d seen from them before. And rather than focus on the things that made Season 1 great, such as the series’ core friendships and families, Riverdale told stories about the mob, a local gang war, and a confusing serial murder.

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