Spider-Man PS4 Villain Mister Negative Explained

Spider-Man’s new game for PS4 from Insomniac looks like it’s delivering a lot between the new costume, new web-slinging combat, and a new spin on the Spidey mythos, but one thing no one expected it’s choice of villain: Mister Negative.

Here’s a recap on where he came from in the comics, what his power and abilities are, the supporting characters he brings along with him, and why he’s actually a great foil for Spider-Man.

Comic Book Origin

Mister Negative is a relatively recent addition to the Spider-Man villain lineup, debuting in 2008’s Amazing Spider-Man #546. Mister Negative is the literal dark side of philanthropist Martin Li. While the benevolent Li runs a homeless shelter, his alter ego is a crime lord who controls the Inner Demons, one of the most powerful gangs in New York City.

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