Superman Finally Takes Center Stage in Doomsday Clock

By and large, Doomsday Clock is developing into the worthy Watchmen sequel I doubt many readers ever expected to see. This series faithfully replicates the look and tone of the original Watchmen even without the involvement of the original creative team, while also finding a meaningful story in the clash between the DC and Watchmen universes. But that’s not to say there aren’t some problems to be found in the execution. Those problems are made a little more plain in issue #8.

This issue does address one recurring concern with the series, at least. For a book that’s always been framed as a confrontation between Superman and Doctor Manhattan, we’ve seen surprisingly little of either character so far. This chapter goes all-in on the Superman front, showcasing a Man of Steel who’s feeling increasingly under pressure to maintain peace in a world descending into chaos. With countries headed towards a possible war over the “Supermen Theory,” Superman himself may be the only hero everyone still trusts. But can even that much last?

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