That Time Shadow of War’s Nemesis System Took It Way Too Far

I am being hunted by an enemy that refuses to die.

This statement is a bit ironic, considering that in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, I play as Talion, aka the Gravewalker, whose whole thing is that he keeps coming back from the dead. It’s also true that the enemy orcs and trolls you kill in Shadow of War also have a nasty habit of cheating death to oppose you again, but this time… it’s personal.

I didn’t just kill this particular enemy — I completely deleted him. I made the decision recently to replay Shadow of War, and wanted a brand new save file. This meant not only erasing my old my save file, but also erasing my fated enemy’s story, his powers, and all of our interactions, and yet it appears that one does not simply erase revenge. Somehow, though, this particular nemesis has transcended game files and folders, clawing his way back from the icy pits of digital hell, to haunt my new playthrough of Shadow of War — and I am terrified.

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