Ubisoft Hints at ‘Unannounced Franchise Title’

A recent earnings report from Ubisoft references an “unannounced franchise title.”

The report doesn’t offer further information on what the game could be, but mentions it alongside known upcoming sequels The Crew 2 and The Division 2, which rules those out as possibilities. We also know it would be coming before March 31, 2019, which marks the end of Ubisoft’s fiscal year.

While we don’t know for sure which franchise the report is referring to, Ubisoft has several popular series to choose from.

Ubisoft usually releases new Assassin’s Creed games in October or November – the most recent installment, Assassin’s Creed Origins, launched last October. Far Cry’s latest installment, Far Cry 5, launched earlier this year, with three pieces of DLC still on the way. Meanwhile, Watch Dogs 2 came out back in November 2016.

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