Vizio P659-G1 Quantum 4K HDR TV Review

The Vizio P-Series has been a very good TV choice for a couple years now, but always sat in a grey area between two price categories. It’s generally a few hundred dollars cheaper than comparable Sony, Samsung, or LG TVs that offer better performance, while staying a few hundred dollars more than TVs from the likes of companies like TCL that aren’t as good but manage to stay under the $1,000 threshold.

So which way did Vizio go this year: Skimp on performance to lower the price, or raise performance to compete with the old guard? Thankfully, it did the latter. Compared to the previous model, the P659-G1 Quantum (See in at Target) has more light output, more dimming zones, wider color gamut coverage thanks to Vizio’s quantum color, and an updated user interface, and most importantly it retains features like low input gaming and a 240Hz effective refresh rate.

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